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We’re Sonia and Sabrina. Sisters, spiritual mentors, Hay House authors and modern mystics. And right now we’re inviting you to pull up a chair, treat yourself to a chocolate covered sea salt caramel (our fave) and make yourself comfortable while we share a little bit about who we are how we came to be with you today.


Our Story

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Imagine growing up in a house where your mother is a self-help pioneer, and regular dinner guests included Wayne Dwyer, Louise Hay, Caroline Myess, and Julia Cameron.

Welcome to our lives.

Spirituality runs in our bloodline and for over five generations our family have been keepers, protectors and teachers of the traditions and secrets of spiritual development and intuitive training.

Growing up in Chicago, our days were spent surrounded by artists, business leaders and creative entrepreneurs. When we weren’t travelling and exploring the world’s most sacred sites while immersing ourselves in every major religion, we were involved in a formal esoteric apprenticeship with our mother, Sonia Choquette.

It was a mystical, magical upbringing that grounded and cemented our purpose: sharing the message of personal empowerment and the importance of intuition with the world.


We opened our own individual intentional coaching practices over ten years ago and over the last decade have mentored countless clients, including top executives, movie and film producers, music moguls and cutting-edge entrepreneurs in the fields of technology and science.

To date, we have facilitated over 200 transformational workshops all over the globe.

Today, we mentor and guide women ready to reconnect with their authentic selves and spark real, meaningful changes in their lives.

Basically …

crescent moon with rays

We’re here to re-enchant
the disenchanted.


‘Cos life can be tough. Figuring out how to feel happy and fulfilled, all while navigating life’s landmines (without getting your ego, self-esteem or self-worth blown up)? It’s no easy task. We get it.

We get feeling like an outsider and longing, more than anything, for a sense of deep purpose and connection. When you wake up on Monday morning with dread and go to bed on Friday night with regrets and self-doubt, we get it. We believe that many people are struggling to find their way in the world because they lack a fundamental trust in themselves. They do not have a connection to their intuition.


But here’s the thing, you wonderful soul, life is incredible and you deserve to feel purposeful, passionate and fulfilled. Which is exactly what we’re here to help you accomplish.

Our e-courses, books and coaching programs act as zero-bullshit catalysts for empoweringdeep purpose, meaning and passion.


‘Cos gorgeous, we get you.
& we got you.