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Daughters of revolutionary intuitive leader and best selling author, Sonia Choquette, Sonia and Sabrina Choquette Tully are here to lead the revolution in grounded spirituality for a new generation. Authors of the book, You Are Amazing: A Help Yourself Guide to Trusting Your Vibes + Trusting Your Magic published by Hay House, Sonia and Sabrina are here to reclaim what being “spiritual” means. Having mentored clients for over 20 years combined, Sonia and Sabrina bring a real life approach with practical tools to living a whole life, centered in trusting your authentic voice, connected to your intuition and centered in your heart.



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Mind Body Green
Let’s demystify the notion of a spiritual practice - Sonia talks about how we can create our own spiritual practice and what it does for your life. 

Lilou Macé
Lilou Macé, a French-American author, teacher, blogger and web host sits down with Sonia and Sabrina have an in-depth conversation about their book, You Are Amazing, what it means to be intuitive and how having a connecting to your intuition is vital to create change

Janey Lee Grace
Sonia and Sabrina sit down with BBC2 radio host, Janey Lee Grace to  teach you how to become your own best friend, turn fear into adventure, quiet that jerk 'Ego' who lives in your head, get out of a bad vibe loop, and move through life with confidence and creativity, even if you're not totally sure where you're going.

Athena Laz
Sonia and Sabrina talk with Athena Laz, Psychologist and columnist for Cosmopolitan Mag, about getting out of our heads and getting back into our hearts to calm our fears and reconnect to our creative genius, easily. 

Hay House Radio
Sonia and Sabrina sit down with Dr. Mike Dow to talk about growing up in an intuitive family and how being connected to our intuition is healing. 


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