Sacred Heart Centered-Living

Sacred heart centered-living for purpose driven seekers


What if, when you woke up this morning, there was an incredible invitation waiting for you?


Dear seeker (that’s you), the invitation reads.

In a world of snorkelers, you’re a deep-sea diver. Your intuition is your superpower and your heart is your greatest asset. It’s time to honor the deepest yearnings of your soul, trust your vibes and make magic happen. You ready? Your adventure starts now.

The Universe


We’re Sonia & Sabrina.


We’re fifth generation intuitives and healers with a decade of coaching experience. We were raised by the premier authority on intuition, our beautiful mom, Sonia Choquette, as modern mystics, mentors and lightworkers.

We are here as your spiritual besties to help you cut the crap that’s causing you anxiety and guide you with love, kindness and a dollop of sass as you rediscover your purpose (‘cos, gorgeous human, you totally have one) reignite your inner spark and ground yourself in heart-centered living.


So, where to first, traveller?



What People Are Saying About Sonia and Sabrina:

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It’s happening already...


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