Why We Need To Disconnect to Heal Our Inner Empath


Hello from New Orleans!

Sabrina and I finally relaunched our website soniaandsabrina.com this week, after being in the works for over a year. YAY!!!!
I am thrilled to start this new chapter and encourage you to head over right now and look at our Freebie’s page (click on the word Freebie's to check it out!) It is filled with blog posts and videos on everything from how to connect to your intuition, to working with your guides, manifesting your dreams, getting grounded, and more which we both are excited to share with you.
As for my life, this has been an intense week. I spent it both facing steep learning curves, followed by mini-retreats into cocoon mode, all while settling into my new home here in New Orleans, after many months of traveling on the road.
Getting grounded into my own space has been rejuvenating. One of the first things I did was purchase a new instant pot, which I am currently obsessed with- making lots of bone broth and quick, easy, healthy meals.
My boyfriend has been traveling for work which has translated into me spending plenty of time alone, so I’ve been able to focus on me, and grounded and cook, which I love.
 One thing that came to my mind this week as I’ve settled in, is how extremely sensitive we intuitive beings are to the energy that surrounds us, and how often we are not even aware of how others affect us, and our Spirit.


If we’ve wandered into the “bad neighborhood” of others negative energy, we automatically slip into a fight, flight, freeze reaction, falling out of sync and flow with our inner guidance and Spirit.  To regain our peace, we start to struggle with the energy, trying to “figure it out,” so to speak, and ,as you and both know, that leads nowhere.
Because we empaths naturally seek resonance with others, if we are not aware, we quickly energetically entrain to whatever dominant energy we find ourselves in.  If the energy is not good, we suffer.
A clear example of this is being around someone who is perpetually negative. When around someone like this, our empathic nature picks up on their vibe, which drags us down, bums out, and makes us miserable, so we launch into “fix-it” mode with that person.
In an attempt to improve the vibe because it feels so bad, we try to change the person instead, which is a lot of work. 

We try to come up with creative solutions to their problems, radiate back positivity, use our intuition to offer solutions to ease their worries, and exhaust ourselves in the process. It feels as if we’ve fallen into an energetic black hole.


Once we get away from the negative energy, we instantly feel relieved, yet drained, as though we’ve just run an emotional marathon. We empaths work so hard to create a positive vibration we get wiped out, and feel upset that our efforts didn’t change a thing at all. 
However, it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to work hard taking care of others negative energy in order to feel good about ourselves. 
We don’t have to work hard to feel worthy either, even if we’ve been trained to think we do.  We can free ourselves of this negative pattern and feel better and it’s high time we do.
The first way is to be as sensitive and caring of our Spirit as we are of others. When we do, we stay better connected to ourselves, our energy, our needs and our Spirit, and we become more discerning intuitive receivers.

My favorite way to stay connected to my Spirit is to schedule time alone before I let everything in life else take over. In my time alone, I pray, meditate, journal, write, watch movies, get creative in the kitchen, and RELAX.
When we spend time alone, we become more aware of our own vibration and energy. When alone we are able to listen to our heart, tune into our intuition, and receive guidance.
Other self-loving choices which have a profoundly positive cascading effect are, 1) being more aware of who we spend time with, 2) asking our Spirit for clear guidance, 3) walking (or running) away from energy vampires, 4) having better boundaries, 5) meditating to feel less anxious, and 5) strengthening our connection to the heart by getting back into my body with some physical exercise or effort.
There are many ways to carve out alone time in our life, no matter how busy we are, if make it a priority. It can be as simple as 15 minutes of daily meditation, going for a walk during work, singing in the car, working out at the gym, or going for a run.

If you’re need a deeper energetic clearing, take a bubble bath with one cup of Epsom salt and a half cup of baking soda.  This clears your aura and energy field of others’ energy. If I’m feeling really indulgent, I add rosemary or lavender essential oil, and some candles for good measure, to further cleanse my aura.


It doesn’t take a lot to tune out the world and stay connected your Spirit, and the effort is worth it. The more you tend to your Spirit and nurture your self, the more your life blossoms in big and beautiful ways.
I promise.
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