Planting Our Seeds of Intention for 2018



Happy Holidays and Happy New Year Everyone!

The cycle of 2018 is a powerful one. 2017 was a year of beginnings, and just like the start to any new cycle, it’s not without its difficulties.  In working with our clients, Sabrina and I both saw, overall, how challenging 2017 was.

 As we begin the new cycle of 2018, it is our chance to begin anew, one where we can plant the seeds of intention for our hearts desires.

New Year’s is an incredibly special time because it’s a beginning.  As we count down the days to 2018, these days between the old and the new, always encourage me to slow down and reflect back on the past year. When doing this, just know that the thing about the intellect is that it likes to dismiss our accomplishments or progress. It tricks us into thinking we’re stuck –

If we slow down and reflect back our highlights and struggles that we’ve overcome during the past 12 months, it makes for rich fertilizer as we prepare to our new seeds.

I’m not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions – often, I find that they are a way to set ourselves up for failure by creating unrealistic expectations of ourselves and are often motivated out of shame or parts of ourselves that we believe are not enough.

We forget that we always have power, and are most empowered in the present moment when we make decisions.

In years past, New Year’s had been a time where I decided that I was going to try and majorly overhaul every single aspect of my life, and yet, 

I didn’t have any real framing or support.

 My past resolutions looked like restrictive diets, intense workout plans, lofty ideas of what I choose to expect from myself. In reality, although they sounded like ‘good ideas, ‘ often they were motivated by parts of myself that I thought was inadequate. And, to boot, my New Year’s resolution lasted about 3 weeks before all of me rebelled. Screw the diet, I want and deserve chocolate.

Now as New Year’s once again approaches, I quiet my mind and tune into my intuition to guide me. I frame planting my garden of new creations for the New Year as to what will be of service of my Spirit?

What works for me, for now?

In my family, we have always used the New Year as a time to gather, to tune inwards and use it as a way to mark a beginning. Using our wise hearts to guide us and help us grow and stretch so that we can be fully present.

We become available and guided which creates an unfolding in the year to come.

 Setting ourselves up for success and creating softening with us is vital to our happiness. Ask yourself, where do you want to connect? What magic do you want to bring in? Where do you want to heal? What parts of yourself do you want to know?

For me, my New Years intentions this year include learning how to better communicate, how to further befriend my feeling body, especially feelings that make me feel uncomfortable.

My seeds include rededicating myself to being of service – I’ve been doing coaching, mentoring and readings for over 10 years now.  I sometimes forget how few tools people have in the world to accessing their heart, their intuition, their power, and Source.  This year, my intention is to work alongside Sabrina in being ambassadors to those who need support. 

The most important seeds that I am planting are the intentions to know myself fully and to keep exploring my mind and the world with an open, compassionate heart.

These are just some of the seeds that I am choosing to plant this year. I encourage you to take some time over the next few days to find some quiet, tune inward and discover your own authentic seeds of intention for the upcoming new year.

Making a decision to focus your energy on growing these seeds of intention is the most powerful tool you have.

The Universe is endlessly supportive of you and once you choose to create,  it says – YES.  Ask yourself, “how do I want this year to feel? How do I want my life to feel?”  If you don't know if what you choose is a true intention, ask your intuition. The sign of genuine intuitive guidance is that everything in you opens up with this insight.

 Get to gardening. Start by looking at the magnificent garden you have grown last year.

All of the seeds you have planted and even all the struggles and sorrows you have overcome are rich fertilizer and deep soul growth as you keep unfolding into those deeper, rich, connected parts of yourself. Happy Planting!