::Our Favorite New Moon Rituals::


This year, January is jam-packed with extra special magic. The first new moon we are experiencing a new moon in Capricorn. When we think of Capricorn, we can use this to guide our intentions for the year ahead. Ask yourself, what did I miss in 2017? What is my Spirit hungry for? Connection? A relationship? Travel?  What are you looking for but were unable to accomplish?

The new moon brings is our place to begin anew.  As we plant our seeds of intention, guided by our hearts, we can use this energy to bring into focus what it is we are hungry for and decide to create. You can practice this ritual alone or with soul-family or friends. As a family, we do this together to seal in the intentions for the new year.


1. Create a Sacred Space

Light candles, use sage sticks or palo santo to clear the energy, call in your guides. Set your intentions. Have fun creating your sacred space.


2. Create an Altar

An altar is a sacred space that is used to connect to our guidance, to our higher selves and to Spirit. Both Sabrina and I have designated spaces in our homes where we house our altars. Altars are living things, they are used to connect to Source. Place thing that are important to you on it. We have photographs, Holy cards, flowers, objects that are significant to us.  Altars are incredibly personal, put on it whatever resonates with you and feeds your Spirit.  If you don’t already have an altar, this is a fun project. Watch how the energy transforms as you place loving energy into your sacred space. Our mom had a portable altar that fit on a Kleenex so it’s the intention behind it that matters most. Be in this space to connect to your New Year’s intention.  If you’re doing this in a group, ask everyone to bring something.


3. Take a Timeout

In your sacred space, use your energy and tune inwards. The New Year signifies a new cycle and the full moon is a special time to look at what you want to release. Meditate on where you want to heal. What is no longer serving you? Are there relationships you want to heal? What do you want to clear?  What are your intentions? Be open and see what shows up. Ask yourself in “What no longer serves you? What are you wishing to release?” “What are your intentions for the New Year? What do you want to create in 2018?”  Ask yourself in the 2nd person, it creates more space and allows for your intellect to take a break.


3. Take Time to Write Down your Intentions

An intention is where we are choosing to direct our conscious and unconscious energy over the next year. Before you begin, find a space where are have privacy. In your sacred space, light a candle or burn some incense, close your eyes, let your focus drift to your heart center and write down your intentions. Ask yourself? Where do I want to direct my energy? What am I hungry for? What does my Spirit need? Let yourself write freely.


4. Share Some of Your Wishes and Desires

Your own voice is one of your most potent and powerful tools. If you’re in a group, you can share your intentions, your wishes and your heart’s desires. We always like to tell each other what we are calling in and what we are letting go of.


5. Burn your Intentions and Release Them

As a family, we always burn the pieces of paper we wrote on intentions on.  We look at it as a way to transmute the energy, to let go and trust the universe. If you’d like to hold onto your wishes, put there somewhere special. They are sacred and powerful.


6. Celebrate!

Play music, dance, sing – connect to your joy body. Appreciate the time, energy and effort that you have created in making a decision in being loving and caring for your Spirit.