How To Make The Right Decision


Hello you gorgeous human, 

Exciting news! We are about to launch our revamped website! This has been a long process, one that Sabrina and I have labored over and are beyond thrilled to finally be releasing out into the world. I can't wait to share all our videos, tips, tools and blog posts. Pumped is an understatement. 

I am currently in Seattle, visiting my best friend, after quite a whirlwind trip in SE Asia over the past few months. I landed here last week happily in Portland to spend time with my mom, Sonia Choquette and help teach a workshop for a Hay House event. It was a happy way to find my re-entry back into the United States, getting to do what I love to do best, teach people how to connect back to their Spirit and listen to their intuition. 

Often times, when I work with my clients and when I am in these workshops, I see how people are connected to their intuition but struggle in trusting it. Intuition is being able to get underneath the noise, to listen more deeply to the voice of our Spirit. With the cacophony of sounds in our world, between our busy lives, social media, and the outdated programming of getting our validation from the outside in, it’s no wonder so many people struggle to differentiate between their intuition and their intellect.


Intuitive guidance often doesn’t make sense to the logic brain- it asks us to step out of the linear thinking. That can be scary. Intuition speaks in vibration and asks us to shift out of a life of right and wrong and into what feels true for me for now. 

This is a radical shift in what we have been taught. Ever since we have been babies, we have been shown to look at the world in terms of right and wrong, good and bad. We have been instructed to look for the "right" answer instead of what rings true. When we live our lives from that paradigm (a fancy word for point of view), we get stuck in our heads. It disconnects us from our intuition, from our Spirits, and from ourselves. Even though I have been raised to listen to my intuition, to trust my Spirit, I often struggle by asking myself what the “right” is.  I have to gently remind myself to ask myself what feel true, for me, for now. 

Just recently, my boyfriend asked me to move back to the States for a year as his work is based in the US.  He suggested New Orleans, my intuition said yes before my head had a moment to think about it. I’ve been living in Paris for the past year, and I love it. I had no intention of leaving Europe. My intellect felt torn about my decision. My boyfriend told me he would be supportive of whatever my choice was. If I wanted to stay in Europe, he would back me 100%. 


My intellect struggled with what was the “right” answer- should I move? Should I stay? It ran me ragged as my mind tried to make sense of what was the correct thing to do. Intuitively, New Orleans felt in alignment, but my head told me it was wrong. People close to me said again and again, why would you ever want to leave Paris?  This sent me into asking myself what the RIGHT thing to do is? 

Stuck in that place, the only thing that got accomplished was over thinking. My intellect like to think that if I thought about it enough, then I could be assured in my decision. I was like a rotisserie chicken on a spit – my mind going around and around and around. But, it never actually helped me make a decision. It just made me doubt myself, my intuition and my choice. 

There was no “right” answer. The Universe will organize and support around whatever decision I made. I had to let go of "right" and check in with what was true. My choice wasn't a mandate - if I didn’t like live New Orleans, I wasn't stuck. I had to take my power back. 


I decided to take the leap – my intuition was telling me to do it. And when I did, everything fell into place. We got an apartment for cheap in a great neighborhood, the old tenants are a friend of a friend and live across the hall, they left us a bed and some dishes and have gone out of their way to help. 

Everything is in flow. My head could have never figured those things out even though it wanted to convince me it could. My job is to trust and show up. The Universe will support me in any choice I make  - it doesn't work in "right and wrong," it is unattached and will help whatever I choose. 

What is your intuition telling you that you’re ignoring? How much pressure do you put on yourself to make the “right decisions”?  Where do you need to take the leap? The time is now to trust yourself, trust your Spirit and trust your intuition. Because feeling like a rotisserie chicken on a spit is exhausting and doesn’t get you anywhere.  

If you're someone who struggles to get out of your head and trust yourself, the universe, and your intuition, remember that we all need support from time to time. Whether you're looking for clear guidance on your soul purpose, what is going on for you right now, book a reading with me at the link below. 

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All my love, 
Sonia Choquette Tully