Are You an Empath?

Are you someone who always picks up on the energy that is swirling around you? You’re probably an empath – as intuitives and deep feelers, we are always picking up on the energy that is swirling around us. Being an empaths means that we are highly sensitive in so many different ways. Here are 5 ways to tell if you’re an empath…

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Trusting Your Vibes

Intuition resides in our heart space. We tend to forget that the heart is an intelligent organ. It is the first organ to develop and is how we measure life. The heart informs the rest of the body’s early growth. The second organ to develop is the cochlear, or the inner ear. The cochlear picks up on vibrations, and as we continue grow, our senses…

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Your Silent Saboteur: Comfort

We’re going to feel fear. But we have a choice to move through it, when we connect to our Spirit and voice and feel our fears, we can start to differentiate between what is scary because it’s a leap of faith, different or uncomfortable and what is simply not for us. The reason why it’s so important to build…

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::Trusting Outside of Ourselves::

It had been a few years since I first realized that I needed to make a radical shift in my life and move out of Chicago, but I did nothing about it.  I contemplated where I should live once I left- Portland? LA? Austin? Seattle? Yet nothing felt right, so I stayed put.

While I knew in my heart it was entirely time for me to move on, I was unable to wrap my head around leaving without having a solid place in mind to firmly root and ground myself.  No matter how hard I thought about it, however, no city, in particular, called me. 

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